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Urban Renewal

Originally formed to undertake large scale urban renewal projects in the 1960's, the Amsterdam Urban Renewal Agency now facilitates a broad range of community renewal and investment projects in the City of Amsterdam.

Urban renewal investment projects include: neighborhood revitalization and housing rehabilitation programs, Main Street revitalization, waterfront, and public works projects throughout the City of Amsterdam. If you have any questions about specific programs or want to learn how the Amsterdam Urban Renewal Agency can help, contact us.

Current Grant Programs

The Urban Renewal Agency is charged with one of the most important revitalization tasks, that of administering grants as well as writing grants for the City of Amsterdam.

Zombie Property Initiative

The City of Amsterdam and the State of New York are committed to reducing blight in our community. Please help us locate vacant properties in the City of Amsterdam so that we can create a database and map to help us study our problem areas, hold property holders and banks accountable and clean up our town! Fill out and submit the Zombie Property Initiative Form available in our download section to add your areas of concern to the list and help us to clean up your neighborhood. We appreciate your help.

View Urban Renewal Documents & Minutes

Download Urban Renewal documents, minutes, current grant programs and more.