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Sweet Canal Store Renovation RFQ

Posted On: 
October 9, 2020

About this RFP.

  • RFP Date Released: 
    October 9, 2020
  • RFP Due Date: 
    October 29, 2020
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The City of Amsterdam was awarded DRI funding to transform the historic Samuel Sweet Canal Store into a tavern and retail space to draw visiting patrons to the area and further strengthen the growing food and beverage scene on the Southside. This project will include the conversion of the second floor into a tavern, addition of public sewer and water hookups, installation of a new roof,and construction of a parking lot.

The Sweet Canal Store is a historic structure that is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The City of Amsterdam is seeking a qualified engineering or architectural firm who:

·        Has experience in the successful completion of comparable work on other historic structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

·        Has experience dealing with New York State Economic Development grants.

·        Has experience with assisting in the identification of sources of outside funds for historic preservation projects.

·        Is familiar with the historic architecture and construction in the Mohawk Valley and Capital Region and has experience with preservation projects in the area.

Content and Conditions

Each firm must submit complete qualifications which addresses each component of the RFQ.


•         A full description of how the Scope of Work will be completed along with a schedule detailing when the items will be completed.

•         A description of each staff member or sub-consultant who will be involved with this project and a description of their role in the project.

•         A client list for similar projects in the last three years, including contact name and phone number, and a brief description of projects.

•         Budget and expense information which details all costs including: Personnel expenses which state the name and title of each individual assigned to the project,their hourly rate and the number of estimated hours the individual will be working on the project. The same information should be submitted in detail for subcontractors.

•         Administrative costs for travel, postage, photocopying, telephone, printing and other related expenses must be detailed. Also, estimates of expense for each of the tasks with assumptions.

•         Submit five references from projects of similar scope and nature. Each reference should include a contact name and phone number along with a statement describing the project. The City of Amsterdam reserves the right to obtain information from other sources.

How do I respond?

You can respond to this RFP by either contacting the person below or downloading the related file and following the guidelines provided.

  • Contact: 
    Amanda Bearcroft, Director of Community & Economic Development
  • Phone: