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City Charter & Codes

The City of Amsterdam & Government Charter

Get more information on the legal framework for organizing and operating the government in the City of Amsterdam. You can view the City of Amsterdam & Government Charter here.

A little about the Codes department.

The Division consisting of 3 NYS Certified building and code enforcement officers, which is separated in two units: housing/codes and buildings and is charged to ensure that all buildings, structures, and premises, regardless of use or occupancy are subjected to the Administration and Enforcement of New York state Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code, the New York State Energy Conservation Construction Code Multiple Residence Law and the City of Amsterdam Zoning Law and Subdivision of Land.

Along with housing and zoning ordinances or other appropriate regulation of the city of Amsterdam, The Division shall exercise its powers in due and proper manner so as to extend to the public protection from hazards of fire and inadequate building construction. 

In addition, the Division reviews, registers, and investigates all bona-fide housing complaints regarding residential and commercial premises, building construction, zoning and property maintenance that allege the existence of conditions that fail to comply with the Uniform Code and/ or local law. 

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