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Amsterdam's 1st Annual WingFest

About This Event/Activity

This year we will be starting an annual WINGFEST to spice up the spring! We encourage all businesses to participate by having one or more flavors of wings to taste, and also providing entertainment or other specials to entice patrons to come to your establishment! Attendees will pay the restaurant 50 cents for each wing sample at each location and will vote at the end for their favorite wing.

The winner will receive a TROPHY for the BEST WINGS IN THE CITY! Attendees will get a ticket at any location with a list of all wings, entertainment, specials, and a map of participating locations. Must be a restaurant to participate. This will be our 2nd St. Paddy's Day event! This year we'll be focusing more on promoting festive food, entertainment, contests, giveaways, and activities.

We encourage you to be creative and offer something that will entice participants to visit your establishment. We will not be promoting alcohol specials and encourage all businesses and organizations to participate - not just bars and restaurants!

Attendees will pick up a ticket at the Irish American Club with a list of all activities and a map of participating locations. Anyone who visits at least 10 locations can drop their tickets off to the Irish American Club for a chance to win great PRIZES!


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