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AIDA Programs

Outline of AIDA Services

AIDA has assisted companies in the City of Amsterdam with numerous business challenges. We can help with: site or building location assistance, competitive lease rates, property tax abatements through payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) programs, bonding access to job training programs, employee referral assistance and competitive loan rates through the Jobs for Amsterdam (JFA) Program.

How Bonding Works

Bonding is done with the help of our Bond Counsel, a law firm located in Albany, NY. We as an IDA have the power to obtain bonds.

Training Programs

We do not administer training programs ourselves, AIDA works closely with numerous local agencies and refer businesses to the appropriate agency that can solve their challenges most effectively.  Because AIDA has many relationships with area groups and entities we can often be their "ONE STOP" for business assistance in our area.

Agency Partnerships

AIDA works with a number of other agencies including the Fulton Montgomery Regional Camber of Commerce and the Montgomery County Business Development Center. We do not do any of the paperwork for these organizations, or provide their services, but merely work together with them in an effort to promote the entire area with an emphasis on the City of Amsterdam and any services that these agencies have that would benefit the parties we are working with.

Case Study

Building Location Assistance: AIDA has recently assisted a local company that needed more space for a process that they did not have room for in their existing facility. AIDA went to several building owners in the area and was able to make a connection for them. They are now leasing space in a building in the City of Amsterdam that we were able to help them obtain.