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The Amsterdam Civil Service Commission announces the Promotional exam for: Foreman – Sanitation Department

April 24, 2020

TheAmsterdam Civil Service Commission announces the Promotional exam for:

Foreman– Sanitation Department

           PromotionalExamination # 74-199                                        City of Amsterdam

                                   Dateof Examination:                        June27, 2020

                                   Dateof Last Filing:                           May 15, 2020

Readthis entire announcement before filling your application.

StartingSalary:        $25.71

Length of service with the City of Amsterdam willdetermine salary, please see contract.

GeneralStatement:   Overseesand participates in the collection of garbage and trash in the City; doesrelated work as required.

MinimumQualifications for Promotional:

Candidate must be permanently employed by the Cityof Amsterdam for three (3) years and have one (1) year experience in theSanitation Department.

At time of appointment applicant must possess avalid NYS Class A or B COMMERCIAL DRIVER’S LICENSE.

Subjectof Examination:

A written test designed to evaluateknowledge, skills and /or abilities in the following areas:

1. Scheduling of work and equipment

These questions test for knowledgeof work scheduling principles and for the ability to arrange work and equipmentassignments in a manner that will achieve work goals while staying withinscheduling criteria. This may include such areas as setting up vacation or workschedules, taking into consideration such factors as seniority, work skills,duty hours, and shift coverage.

2. Operation and maintenance of refuse equipment and trucks

Thesequestions test for knowledge of the principles and practices involved in theproper operation and maintenance of refuse collection and refuse handlingequipment, including the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages ofdifferent types of refuse collection equipment and vehicles, proper and safeoperation and maintenance of refuse collection equipment, and troubleshootingoperating problems involving refuse collection equipment and vehicles.


3. Practices, procedures, and equipment used in rubbish andgarbage collection

Thesequestions test for knowledge of the proper practices, procedures, and typicalequipment used in refuse and garbage collection, including collection routemanagement and safety practices.

4. Supervision

Thesequestions test for knowledge of the principles and practices employed inplanning, organizing, and controlling the activities of a work unit towardpredetermined objectives. The concepts covered, usually in a situationalquestion format, include such topics as assigning and reviewing work;evaluating performance; maintaining work standards; motivating and developingsubordinates; implementing procedural change; increasing efficiency; anddealing with problems of absenteeism, morale, and discipline.

The NewYork State Department of Civil Service has not prepared a test guide for thisexamination. However, candidates may find information in the publication"How to take a written test" helpful in preparing for this test. Thispublication is available on line at:

Use of Calculators is allowed. Candidates arepermitted to use quiet, hand-held solar or battery powered calculators or sliderules.  Devices with typewriterkeyboards, spell checkers, personal digital assistants, address books, languagetranslators, dictionaries, or any similar devices are prohibited.

If an emergency prevents you from appearing for theexamination, please notify this office no later than 9:00am on the Mondayfollowing the test date, (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) providing verifiabledocumentation of the reason.  Adetermination will be made if you will be scheduled for an alternate test date.


Pointswill be added to the score of every passing candidate as follows:


           Less than 1year********************************      0points

           1 Year up to 6years*****************************      1point

           Over 6 years up to 11years***********************      2 points

           Over 11 years up to 16years**********************      3 points

           Over 16 years up to 21years**********************      4 points

           Over 21 years up to 26years**********************      5 points



Application:   Applications may be obtained at the CivilService Office in Amsterdam City Hall or by sending a stamped self-addressedlegal envelope to:

           Amsterdam Civil Service Commission,City Hall 61 Church St. Amsterdam NY 12010

Applicationsreceived post-marked after the filing date deadline will not be accepted. The applicant should make sure every question on the application isanswered and that the application is complete in all respects.  All statements made by candidates in theirapplication are subject to verification. This department does not acknowledge receipt of the applications.  Candidates will be notified of thedisposition of their application. Candidates will be notified by letter, of when and where to appear totake the written test.  If candidateshave not received a notice to appear for the written test three (3) days priorto the exam date, they should call our office at (518)841-4341.


ApplicationFees:       A $15.00 non-refundable application feeis required for each separately numbered examination for which you apply.  The required fee must accompany yourapplication.  Send a check or money orderpayable to City of Amsterdam.  Write theexamination number(s) and the applicant’s name on the check or moneyorder.  DO NOT SEND CASH.  If yourapplication is disapproved, the fee will not be refunded.  You should carefully review the announcedminimum qualifications and any residence requirements and apply only for thoseexaminations for which you clearly qualify.


ReligiousObserver/Disabled Candidates/Military Members:       Applicants whose religious beliefs ormilitary service prevent their taking examinations on the scheduled date anddisabled candidates who require special accommodations to take the test shouldindicate the need for special arrangements. Military Service Members: If you apply for an examination during thefiling period but are on active military duty on the date of examination isscheduled, you may request a military makeup examination.  Contact Amsterdam Civil Service for moreinformation.  If you are on active dutyor discharged after the filing period has begun, you may apply for the examinationup to ten days before the test date.


Section 23.2Statement:         This examination will be prepared andrated in accordance with Section 23.2 of the Civil Service Law.  The provisions of New York State CivilService Law, rules and regulations dealing with the preparation and rating ofexaminations will apply to this examination.


Multiple ExamTakers:         If you have applied for both State andlocal government examinations, you must notify Amsterdam Civil Service of yourintent to take both a State and a local government examination.  When taking both a State and a localgovernment examination you will be required to take all your examinations at aState examination center.  You will beadvised by letter when and where to report for your examination.

Ifyou have applied for other local examinations examination, call or write toeach Civil Service Agency to make arrangements no later than two weeks beforethe date of examination, as to which test site you will be taking theexamination.


Veteran’sCredit:                  Veterans or disabled veteranswho are eligible for additional credit must submit an application for veteran’scredit with their application for examination or at any time between the datesof their application for examination and the date of establishment of theresulting eligible list. Applications for veteran’s credit are available fromthis office.  Veteran’s credits can only be added to a passing score on theexamination.


EffectiveJanuary 1, 1998, the State Constitution was amended to permit a candidatecurrently in the armed forces to apply for and be conditionally grantedveteran’s credit in examinations.  Anycandidate who applies for such credit must provide proof of military status toreceive the conditional credit.  No credit may be granted after theestablishment of the list.  It is theresponsibility of the candidate to provide appropriate documentary proofindicating the service was in time of war, as defined in Section 85 of CivilService Law, and that the candidate received an honorable discharge or wasreleased under honorable conditions in order to be certified at a scoreincluding veteran’s credits.


Change ofAddress:  It is the responsibility of the candidate tonotify the Amsterdam Civil Service of any change in name or address for the durationof the eligible list.  No attempt will bemade to locate candidates who have moved.


Ifany emergency prevents you from appearing for the examination, please notifythis office (518)841-4341 no later than 9:00AM on the Monday following the testdate, (Tuesday if Monday is a legal holiday) providing verifiable documentationof the reason.  A determination will bemade as to if you will be scheduled for an alternate test date.


Application FeeWaiver:       A waiver of application fee will beallowed if you are unemployed and primarily responsible for the support of ahousehold.  In addition, a waiver ofapplication fee will be allowed if you determined eligible for Medicaid, orreceiving Supplemental Security Income Payments, or Public Assistance (TemporaryAssistance for Needy Families/ Family Assistance or Safety Net Assistance) orare certified Job Training Partnership Act/Workforce Investment Act eligible through a State or Local Social ServiceAgency.  All claims for application feewaiver are subject to verification.  Ifyou can verify eligibility for application fee waiver, complete a “Request forApplication Fee Waiver and Certification” form and submit it with yourapplication by the close of business on the application deadline as listed onthe examination announcement.


Children ofFirefighters and Police Officers killed in the line of duty:    In conformance with section 85-a of theCivil Service Law, children of firefighters and police officers killed in theline of duty shall be entitled to receive an additional ten points in acompetitive examination for original appointment in the same municipality inwhich his or her parent has served.  Ifyou are qualified to participate in this examination and are a child of afirefighter or police officer killed in the line of duty in this municipality,please inform this office of this matter when you submit your application forexamination.  A candidate claiming suchcredit has a minimum of two months from the application deadline to provide thenecessary documentation to verify additional credit eligibility.  However, no credit may be added after theeligible list has been established.



City of Amsterdam/An Equal Opportunity Employer


Civil ServiceCommission:                            GaryMcNeil, Chairman

                                                                       JohnMancini, Commissioner

                                                                       LynnKot, Commissioner