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January 5, 2022


DATED:  January 5, 2022




City of Amsterdam solicits responses fromqualified Electrical Construction/ Maintenance and Repair firms for electricalrepairs (on sewer pump stations, electrical controls, street lights and trafficlights), and general electrical repairs on City facilities on an as-neededbasis through June 2023.  The workgenerally shall consist of electrical repair, or other electrical work  associated within the City of Amsterdam asspecified by the City Engineer through written purchase orders issued to theContractor by the City Purchasing Department.


The electrical crew shall be structured tomeet the demands of each written job order. All work shall be paid on an hourly basis for the actual hours workedper classification.  Price quotationsshall include the following classifications: foreman/electrician with fully equipped field truck; apprentice withtools; and laborer with tools, each on an hourly basis.




No response will be considered for awardunless the firm submitting the response can meet the following conditions:


·        The firm at the time of theresponse must have at least ten years' experience in electrical repairs orreplacement of electrical building systems and related components.  Each foreman shall have equivalent experienceas required by N.Y.S.D.O.L.


·        The bidder shall possess a currentand valid license to conduct business in the State of New York.


The Contractoris to supply all labor, small tools, transportation, and material lists toproperly execute the work as described herein. The written purchase order will describe the location, type of repairmaterial, depths, widths and yield required.


The bidder mustpossess a current municipal electrical license. If not licensed in the City of Amsterdam, contractor must meetrequirements for an Amsterdam Class B Electrical License as follows:


* Liability Insurance Certificate with the City ofAmsterdam named as additionally insured                                  with minimum coverages of $1,000,000 peroccurrence and $2,000,000 annual aggregate.

* Current Masters License from another municipality,county, state, etc.,

(and/or any other documentationwhich the Electrical License Board of Examiners deems necessary)

* Workmen's Compensation documentation per Section 57 ofthe Workers’ Compensation Law.

    ( FormC-105.2 for insured, SI-12 for self-insured, or CE-200 with no employees)

* Disability Benefits documentation per Section 220(8)of the Workers’ Compensation Law.

    ( FormDB-120.1 for insured, DB-155 for self insured, or CE-200 with no employees)


The Contractorshall perform all work in a workmanlike manner with due regard to the safetyand health of the employees and of the public, in full compliance with theprovisions of all applicable laws.  TheContractor shall be responsible for safety controls in full compliance with theprovisions of  O.S.H.A.  




Must be same dayfor emergency calls.  




Theunit price bid shall include the cost of furnishing all labor, (including anysupplements, holidays, or other "fringes"), small tools, andtransportation necessary to complete the work as specified.  The hourly rate for any crew shall bedetermined by applying the hourly rate per appropriate craft times the actualhours each person performs on the job within that craft.  If emergency request is after 3:30 p.m.(Monday – Friday) or on weekends or holidays, minimum charge time is 2 hrs.




LABOR: For each labor classification, the Contractor shall provide any requiredtools, including but not limited to chainfalls, come-alongs, or jacks;scaffolding, staging, ladders, drills, hole saws, electrical meter/volt meter

Roto-hammers or other pneumatic equipment;all safety equipment.



Award of bidwill be made to the lowest responsible bidder. The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, waive minorinformalities and advertise for new proposals if in the best interests of theCity.




Successfulcontractor shall pay not less than the prevailing wage rate established by theNew York State Department of Labor, Bureau of Public Works.  The Wage Rate Schedule as prepared by theDepartment of Labor hereby becomes a part of the contract and is includedherein.


Certifiedpayrolls must be submitted with invoices. Labor rates are based on current prevailing wages.  When the Department of Labor rates change,hourly rates to be adjusted.  Contractoris to notify the City of new hourly rates based on new prevailing wage rates.




The City ofAmsterdam reserves the right to extend any contract issued, based on thisspecification, under the same terms and conditions for a one year period fromdate of expiration, provided such extension is mutually agreeable to both Cityand Contractor.