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NOTICE OF EXAMINATION The Amsterdam Civil Service Commission announces the open-competitive examination for: POLICE OFFICER-- (BILINGUAL)

July 6, 2021



The Amsterdam Civil Service Commissionannounces the open-competitive examination for:





Open-competitive examination # 61-718                 Amsterdam Police Department


                       Dateof Examination:                        September18, 2021


                       Last Filing Date:                                August 12, 2021


Since refunds are notgiven, please read this announcement entirely before filling your application.


****A copy of yourdriver’s license must be attached to your application.




Application forms may be obtained at the Civil ServiceCommission office in City Hall 3rd floor or by sending a stampedself-addressed legal-size envelope to Amsterdam Civil Service, 61 ChurchStreet, Amsterdam NY  12010.  Applications received post-marked after the filingdeadline will not be accepted.  Theapplicant should make sure EVERY question on the application is answered, andthat the application is complete in all respects.  All statements made by candidates in theirapplication are subject to verification. This department does not acknowledge receipt of applications.  Candidates will be notified disposition of theirapplications.  Candidates will benotified by letter of when and where to appear to take the written test.  If candidates have not received a notice toappear for the written test three days before the date of the test, they shouldcall our office at (518)841-4341.  

Donot interpret a notice to appear for, or actual participation in, theexamination as an indication that you fully meet the announced requirements.Depending on the time available before an examination, applicants may beadmitted on the basis of statements made on the application or conditionallyadmitted without prior review of the application. Under these circumstances,candidates not meeting the requirements will be disqualified and notified ofsuch disqualification. Candidates subsequently disqualified after taking thetest will not be notified of their score.






A $25.00 Non-Refundable application fee is requiredfor each separately numbered examination for which you apply.  The required fee must accompany yourapplication.  Send a Certified Check orMoney Order made payable to the City of Amsterdam Civil Service.  Write the examination number on the check ormoney order.  DO NOT SEND CASH.  As no refund will be made, you are urged tocompare your applications carefully with the requirements for admission andfile only for those examinations for which you are clearly qualified.







Examination is being given to fill future vacancies as theyoccur in the Amsterdam Police Department.


STARTING SALARY:       $36,797.51 with an increase after 6months completion of Police academy.



This work involves responsible for the enforcement of laws,ordinances and protection of lives and property in an assigned area during aspecified period; does related work as required.



These duties consist primarily of routine patrol tasks,assisting in investigation of criminal offenses and the apprehension ofcriminals.  Ordinarily a police officer,whether on patrol work or on special assignment works under the supervision ordirection of a higher-ranking officer. However, there is considerable independent responsibility for exerciseof sound judgment in emergencies. The duties require proficiency in both theSpanish & English languages, with understandable smooth expression at aconversational level of communication.



Graduation from high school, or possession of a high schoolequivalence or comparable diploma as described in Section 58 of the CivilService Law.


AdditionalQualification at time of appointment:

Physical & Medical: Must meet standards prescribed by the Municipal Police Training councilwhich includes height, weight and physical fitness standards;

Possess a valid driver’s license issued by NYS Dept. ofMotor Vehicles;

Must successfully pass background check and psychologicaltest.

Must successfully pass a Spanish Proficiency Exam












Must have been legal resident of Montgomery, Fulton,Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Otsego, or Herkimer County for a period of atleast 0ne (1) month immediately preceding the date of the exam.    Preference in certification from theeligible list may be given to City of Amsterdam residents.





Candidates must be at least 19 years of age at the timeof the examination and not less than 20 years of age at the time of appointment.  Candidates who reach their 35thbirthday on or before the date of the written examination are not qualifiedexcept as follows: Candidates may have a period of military duty or terminalleave up to six years, as defined in Section 243 (10-a) of the militaryLaw.  Section 58.1(a) requires thatapplicants not be more than 35 years of age as of the date when the applicanttakes the written examination.  Applicants must indicate their date ofbirth for examination.





Applicants must be a high school graduate or possession of ahigh school equivalency or holder of a high school equivalency diploma issuedby an education department of any of the States of the United


States or a holder of a comparable diploma issued by anycommonwealth, territory or possession of the United States or by the Canal Zoneor a holder of a report from the United States armed forces certifyingsuccessful completion of the tests of general educational development, highschool level.




Candidates must meet the physical fitness and medicalstandards prescribed by the Municipal Police Training Council.  Candidates must pass the written test inorder to be scheduled for the qualifying physical fitness test.  The Physical Fitness Screening Test is givenon an as needed basis.  Should acandidate fail to meet any one element of the Physical Fitness Screening Test,they may be tested again on an as needed basis. The candidate will be retested on all elements of the test and not justthe element(s) which were not achieved.  Copies of the Physical Fitness ScreeningTest are available upon request from Amsterdam Civil Service.




To be eligible for appointment, candidates must have a validNew York State Driver’s License.  Acopy must be given along with the application of examination.





United States Citizenship is required.


BackgroundInvestigation and Additional Screening:

Each candidate will be subject to a thorough backgroundinvestigation.  Other screening includesbut not limited to, drug testing, medical examination, psychological exam,fingerprints and FBI criminal history check.


Investigative Screening: As stated in Section58 of the Civil Service Law, there will be a background investigation conductedI accordance with the standards of the municipal police training council (MPTC).Derogatory information will be evaluated and may result in disqualification.All convictions must be reported. Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor, or anyfalsified or omitted information, may bar appointment or result in removalafter appointment, depending upon the relationship of the violation or omissionto the duties of the position.


Psychological Evaluation: As stated in Section58 of the Civil Service Law, you will be required to participate in apsychological evaluation to determine your fitness to perform the essentialduties of the position prior to appointment. Failure to meet the standards mayresult in your offer of employment being rescinded or in your disqualification.An eligible will be called for a psychological assessment as needed to fillexisting and anticipated vacancies.






  1. Situational Judgment  These questions test for the ability to identify appropriate     and effective responses to work-related challenges. You will be presented     with scenarios that reflect the types of challenges one could encounter in     a work environment. Each scenario will be followed by several responses to     the scenario. You must rate the effectiveness of each response.
  2. Language Fluency       These questions test for the ability to read, understand,     and present a clear and accurate summary of information. For some     questions, you will be given a brief reading passage followed by four     statements, each summarizing the information. You must then choose the     best version. For other questions, you will be given several sentences,     one of which contains a spelling, grammatical, or punctuation error. You     must then select the line that contains the error.
  3. Information Ordering and Language Sequencing      These questions test for the ability     to properly identify the sequence or order of events, or to organize     information to fit a timeline. You will be given a brief reading passage     followed by one or more questions. You must identify the proper sequence     of events in order to answer one or more questions.
  4. Problem Sensitivity and Reasoning    These questions test for the ability to     apply information and to identify a problem or potential problem. For some     questions, you will be given information in the form of policies, rules,     regulations, or laws, which will be followed by a situation. You must then     identify the problem and apply the information to select the best course     of action to take. For other questions, you will be given a scenario and     mock witness statements. You must use this information to answer one or more     questions about the scenario.
  5. Selective Attention     These questions test for the ability to focus on completing     a task and to pay attention to important details while performing     repetitive and monotonous tasks. You will be presented with a series of     letters, symbols, and/or numbers. You must select the choice that contains     the series of letters, symbols, and/or number that matches exactly.
  6. Visualization   These     questions test for the ability to imagine how something will look when it     is moved around or when its parts are changed, moved, or rearranged. You     will be presented with an image of a face followed by four images of     faces. Each face is disguised or altered in some way. Three of the images     have a difference in facial structure or facial features. You must select     the choice that contains the image with the identical facial structure and     facial features.
  7. Spatial     Orientation      These questions     test for the ability to understand how to navigate within spaces or how to     get from one point to another. You will be provided with a map followed by     one or more questions. You must imagine yourself at a certain location and     orient yourself to the direction in which you would move to get to another     location by the shortest (least distance) route.        




A guide to taking theexamination for Entry-Level Police Officer Series is available at the New YorkState website:

If you do not haveaccess to the World Wide Web, you may call/write Amsterdam Civil Service 61Church Street Amsterdam, NY  12010:(518)841-4341 to obtain a copy.



Provides that anymember of the armed forces of the United States who had duly filed anapplication to compete in a scheduled competitive examination, but was deprivedof the opportunity to complete in a scheduled competitive examination due toactive military duty be provided with a special military makeup examination.



Use of calculatorsis prohibited for this exam.






Sabbath Observers/Disabled Candidates/MilitaryMembers:

Applicants whose religious beliefs or military serviceprevent their taking examinations on the scheduled date and disabled candidateswho require special accommodations to take the test should indicate the needfor special arrangements on their application. Candidates who are called to military service after filing anapplication should send requests for an alternate test date to the AmsterdamCivil Service Commission as soon as possible before the test date.



Veteran’s Credit:

Veterans or disabled veterans who are eligible foradditional credit must submit an application for veteran’s credit with theirapplication for examination or by the date of the establishment of the

resulting EligibleList.  Applications for veteran’s creditare available from this office.  Anycandidate who applies for such credit must provide proof of military status toreceive the conditional credit.  Nocredit may be granted after the establishment of the eligible list.  It is the responsibility of the candidate toprovide appropriate documentary proof indicating that the service was in timeof war, as defined in Section 86 of Civil Service Law, and that the candidatereceived an honor discharge or was released under honorable conditions in orderto be certified at a score including veteran’s credit.


Alternate Test Date:

Alternative test dates may be arranged upon review of thecircumstances according to the Alternate Test Date policy established by thisdepartment.  Under specific circumstancesan alternate test date may be arranged. Your request with written documentation must be received in this officeno later than two (2) weeks preceding the examination.

If any emergency prevents you from appearing for the examination,please notify this office (841-4341) no later than 9:00 A.M on the Mondayfollowing the test date, (Tuesday if Monday is a legal holiday) providingverifiable documentation of the reason. A determination will be made as to if you will be scheduled for analternate test date.


Cross Filer Statement:

If you have applied for other local government examinations,call or write to each Civil Service Agency to make arrangements.  You must make your request for thesearrangements no later than two weeks before the date of theexaminations.  You must notify alllocal government Civil Service Agencies with whom you have filed an applicationof the test site at which you wish to take your examinations.


Change of Address:

It is the responsibility of the candidate to notify theAmsterdam Civil Service of any change in name or address.  No attempt will be made to locate candidateswho have moved.



City ofAmsterdam/An Equal Opportunity Employer


Gary McNeil, Chairman                                              LynnKot, Commissioner

                                                                                   MaryAnne Semkiw, Commissioner