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Leaf Collection Program - The month of November 2021

October 4, 2021



The City of AmsterdamDepartment of Public Works announces that a pilot program for leaf collectionand composting will take place during the month of November 2021. Theobjectives of the Pilot are as follows:


·        Remove as manyleaves as possible from the City’s waste stream and measure the savingsrealized on transfer station tipping fees for doing so

·        Calculate the costfor converting the collected leaves into compost


Reasons why every resident ofour City should participate in this pilot program:

·        Composting willhelp eliminate the costly dumping of these leaves at landfills

·        Composting canreplenish the nutrients in soil, which can then be used as topsoil for otherCity public works &  parks andrecreation projects

·        Composting helpsreduce global warming. Leaves are an organic waste and when organic wastes aredumped in landfills, the dark, low-oxygen conditions cause the leaves todegrade into methane, one of the most destructive greenhouse gases

·        Composting notonly prevents methane emissions, it actually pulls harmful carbon gases out ofthe atmosphere


In order to participate inthis pilot program, residents must place collected leaves in paper lawn andleaf bags only. It is also important for obtaining the most accurate resultspossible from this pilot program, that participants only place the leaves theygather (no twigs, branches or other type of trash) in the paper bags.


Amsterdam True Value/ACEHardware is graciously handing out five free large brown paper lawn and leafdisposal bags to the first five hundred residents of our City who go to theirstore at the upper level of the Riverfront Center and request them (proof ofresidency may be required). These bags can also be purchased from other localretailers.  


Residents are asked to followthis schedule when putting their leaves to the curb for collection:


If your garbage is collected on:                            Leaves will be pickedup:

Monday                                                                   Tuesday

Tuesday                                                                   Wednesday

Thursday                                                                 Friday

Friday                                                                      Monday


Residents are asked to puttheir leaves out the night before the scheduled collection day. Leafcollections will take place beginning Monday, November 1, 2021 and continue throughMonday, November 29, 2021.


If there are any questionsregarding this, please contact the Department of Public Works at 518-842-3691.