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Hydrant Flushing - Week 2 - October 26, 2020 - October 30, 2020

October 21, 2020

The second week of the four-week water main flushing programby the Department of Public Works begins Monday, October 26, 2020 throughFriday, October 30, 2020, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  Water will be temporarily disturbed due tothe flushing.  Avoid laundering duringthis period.


After flushing is complete, you may encounter discolored ordirty water.  This condition isdisturbing but will dissipate if you turn on your cold water through allinterior faucets for awhile and flush out the discolored water.


The flushing schedule is as follows:

Monday, October 26 – Area 8

Van Dyke Ave.between market St. and Northampton Rd., Glen Ave. between Van Dyke Ave. andMcClellan Ave., Lindbergh Ave. between Market St. and McClellan Ave., Oak Ln.,Summit Ave., Grant Ave., Romeyn Ave., Coolidge Rd., Pershing Rd., McGibbon St.,Beacon St., Keeler Rd., Christman Pl., Deal Pl., Highland Rd., Valley View Rd.,Sunset Rd., Water St., Market St. between McClellan Ave. and Sunset Rd.


Tuesday, October 27 – Area 9

Van Dyke Ave.between Northampton Rd. and City line, Northampton Rd. between City line andRomeyn  Ave., Tremont St., Wilkes Ave.,Ruth St., Ramsey Ave., Chapel Pl. between Van Dyke Ave. and Tremont St.,University Pl. between Tremont St. and Van Dyke Ave., Fifth Ave., Sixth Ave.,Francisco Ln. and Pysanka Circle


Wednesday, October 28 – Area 10

McClellan Ave.,Lincoln Ave., Arnold Ave., Trinity Pl., Storrie St. between Market St. andChestnut St., Bunn St., Academy St. between Glen Ave. and Wall St., Thomas St.between Trinity Pl. and Prospect St., Blood St., Chestnut St., McElwain Ave.,Henry St., Wilson Ave., Glen Ave. between McClellan Ave. and Fairview Pl.,Lindbergh Ave. between McClellan Ave. and Bunn St., Garden St. between AcademySt. and Mechanic St., Wall St. between Academy St. and Mechanic St., MechanicSt. between Garden St. and Wall St., Brandt Pl. between Major Ln. and LindberghAve., Market St. between McClellan Ave. and Prospect St.


Thursday, October 29 – Area 11

Chapel Pl. betweenTremont St. and Dartmouth St., Harvard St. between Chapel Pl. and UniversityPl., Princeton St. between University Pl. and Hobart Dr., Northampton Rd.between Romeyn Ave. and Phillips St., Dartmouth St., Wesleyan Ave. betweenChapel Pl. and The Mall, The Mall between Northampton Rd. and Princeton St.,Yale St., Columbia St., Hobart Dr., University Pl. between Tremont St. and TheMall, Stanford St., Brown St., Harvard Court, Wesleyan Ave. between Chapel Pl.and The Mall, George St. between Dartmouth St. and the Mall.


Friday, October 30 – Area 12

Evelyn Ave. betweenWilkes Avenue and Phillips Street., Henrietta Blvd., Harvard St. betweenHenrietta Blvd. And Chapel Pl., Fairmount Ave., Oakland  Ave., Knollwood Ave., Wesleyan Ave. betweenChapel Pl. and Henrietta Blvd., Greenwood Ave. between Knollwood Ave. andEvelyn Ave., Sylvia Ln.