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City of Amsterdam Public Buildings Closed to the Public Effective Immediately

April 7, 2020

March 16, 2020FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:City of Amsterdam Public Buildings Closed to the Public Effective ImmediatelyAMSTERDAM, NY –Mayor Michael Cinquanti has announced that Amsterdam City Hall and all City ofAmsterdam public buildings, including the Public Safety Building, will be closed to the public effectiveimmediately through Tuesday, March 31, 2020, except in very limited circumstances as detailed below.The Amsterdam Police Department and Amsterdam Fire Department will continue to respond to allemergency calls, and the Department of Public Works will continue curbside waste collection pickup asscheduled.“Following recommendations from the CDC, the State of New York and the Montgomery County HealthDepartment, we have put in place procedures in an effort to prevent further spread of COVID-19 within ourCity,” said Mayor Cinquanti. “These changes will go into effect immediately. I remain in constant contactwith our City's police and fire chiefs, key department heads, Montgomery County Executive, Matt Ossenfort,and the County Health Department, and we will expand upon these restrictions should the situation warrant.""The decision to declare this state of emergency is a proactive measure to prevent the spread of the virus tomembers of our community, our city employees, their families and our first responders;" explainedCinquanti. "The most proven effective way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to keep people who are or whomay be carrying the virus away from those who are not.”A department-by-department list of City services currently available and unavailable can be found below:Amsterdam Police Department:The Amsterdam Police Department is planning reasonable precautions to limit the spread of the Coronaviruswhile still providing the highest possible level of service to the community. Because our officers andemployees routinely interact with the public, we are working to mitigate the potential for the transmission ofCoronavirus through interactions with law enforcement. The measures described below are subject tochange depending on changing conditions.In an emergency, always call 911. APD will continue responding to all emergency calls for service 24/7.61 CHURCH STREET, AMSTERDAM, NEW YORK 12010PHONE 518-841-4311 FAX 518-842-9064mcinquanti@amsterdamny.govAmsterdam City Court will be closing indefinitely as of 5:00pm today. Police Headquarters at the PublicSafety Building will also be closed to the public until further notice. For certain non-emergency calls inwhich no immediate threat to safety exists, and where no suspect has been identified, please contact PoliceHeadquarters at (518) 842-1100. Minor calls for service, such as minor property complaints, may be handledvia phone or through a postponed report. Access to administrative reports, including police incident reportsand FOIL responses will be handled via email at and/or phone. No in-persondocument requests will be facilitated at Police Headquarters.In an effort to limit potential exposure and eventual transmission to other members of our community,officers and detectives responding to your call may ask you to step outside of your home when possible. Thisapproach will not apply in an emergency situation in which immediate entry is necessary.As conditions change and more information becomes available, APD will continue to assess and adjust as thesituation requires.Please visit the APD Facebook page or call (518) 842-1100 for more information on non-emergency PoliceDepartment information.Amsterdam Fire Department:AFD will continue responding to all emergency calls for service 24/7. Access to administrative reports,including fire incident reports, will be handled via email and/or phone. No in-person document requests willbe facilitated at Fire Headquarters. All fire department facilities will be closed to the public until furthernotice. Please visit the City of Amsterdam website or call (518) 684-6301 for more information on nonemergency Fire Department information. In an emergency, please dial 911.Department of Public Works:If you have an emergency (sewer back up, sink hole, water main break, flooding) contact the DPW at (518)842-1100. For non-emergencies, please call the DPW line at (518) 842-3691 and a message can be left.All curbside waste collection and recycling pickup will continue as scheduled. BULK PICK-UPS ARESUSPENDED TEMPORARILY.Department of Water & Water Supply:Tap water supplied to the City of Amsterdam residents as well as municipal water customers in the Town ofAmsterdam and Town of Florida is safe to drink. The COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinkingwater. Learn more about the virus and water and sewer infrastructure by visiting .Payments for metered water invoices can be mailed to 61 Church Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010.City Clerk & Vital Statistics:Services that will be accessible online at CHURCH STREET, AMSTERDAM, NEW YORK 12010PHONE 518-841-4311 FAX 518-842-9064mcinquanti@amsterdamny.govObtaining certified copies of marriage records & certificates of domestic partnershipObtaining certified copies of BirthObtaining Death CertificatesLimited In-person transactions will take place by appointment only.Individuals must email the City Clerk at or call 518-841-4305 to set up an inperson appointment at City Hall. Please visit the City Clerk webpage, call (518) 841-4305, or for more information.Public Meetings, including meetings of the Common Council and Public Hearings:Effective immediately, all meetings of the Common Council shall be closed to the public, including themedia. The public will have the ability to view common council meetings live on the City of AmsterdamFacebook page and said meetings shall be recorded and transcribed.All other meetings of any and all City boards and/or committees are canceled and shall be rescheduled at alater time.Employee Relations:The City of Amsterdam is implementing a hiring freeze. If a position is needed and considered essential, wewill post openings on our City of Amsterdam Website ( ) and our City of AmsterdamFacebook page . All applications can be emailed to of Civil Service:All Civil Service Exams scheduled for March have been postponed. We will continue to monitor thesituation and make decisions regarding future exams accordingly. Please check the City of Amsterdamwebsite for updates of Engineering & Code Enforcement:All permit applications, payments, and other transactions will take place via phone.All inspections are suspended until further notice. Construction inspections and emergency inspections willcontinue to occur. Individuals must call (518) 841-4319 OR (518) 603-2386 to set up an inspection.Department of Planning & Zoning:All Planning & Zoning meetings are cancelled until further notice. If you have any questions, please contactthe building department at (518) 841-4319 or of Tourism, Marketing & Recreation:Recreation facilities will be closed effective immediately to evaluate further precautions necessary to 61 CHURCH STREET, AMSTERDAM, NEW YORK 12010PHONE 518-841-4311 FAX 518-842-9064mcinquanti@amsterdamny.govsafeguard the health and wellbeing of community members and staff.All organized and voluntary activities are prohibited. Organizations who use City of Amsterdam Parks forbaseball, softball, soccer, football, basketball, and any other activity are prohibited from the premises untilfurther notice.WingFest Sponsored by Main Motor Car which was scheduled for April 25, 2020 is cancelled. It will be rescheduled for later in the year.Please visit the Amsterdam Tourism, Marketing & Recreation Facebook page for continued updates.Assessor’s Office:The office of the City of Amsterdam Assessor will be closed. The exemption and exemption renewaldeadline is December 1, 2020. Therefore, exemptions will be suspended during the closure. The public canaccess their assessment information at Any questionscan be emailed to Controller’s Office:All City tax payments must be processed online by visiting the City of Amsterdam’s webpage . If you are unable to make a payment online, all other payments can be made bymailing a check or money order to 61 Church Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010. If you have any questions, youcan call Controller’s office at 518-841-4337.State of Emergency Declaration:Mayor Michael Cinquanti has declared a State of Emergency for the City of Amsterdam effective 12:00pmMonday, March 16, 2020 directing all City-owned buildings be closed to the public unless expresslyprovided for above. Only essential employees are to report to work. The State of Emergency will remain ineffect through Tuesday, March 31, 2020.COVID-19 Prevention and Symptom Information:As a reminder, please visit the websites for Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the New York StateDepartment of Health and the Montgomery County Department of Public Health for the most recentguidelines regarding COVID-19 precautions and symptoms.