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Boil water notice issued for parts of the City of Amsterdam

November 13, 2020



The City of Amsterdam announces that due to water work on Market St., todayThursday, November 12, 2020.  RESIDENTSON THE FOLLOWING STREETS  WILL HAVE TOBOIL THEIR WATER ONCE THE WATER IS TURNED ON, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE:


v  Beacon Avenue;

v  Brown Street;

v  Chapel Place;

v  Christman Place;

v  Columbia Street;

v  Coolidge Road;

v  Dartmouth Street;

v  Deal Place;

v  Evelyn Avenue;

v  Fairmount Avenue;

v  Francisco Road;

v  George Street;

v  Glen Avenue;

v  Grant Avenue;

v  Harvard Avenue;

v  Henrietta Blvd.;

v  Highland Road;

v  Hill Crest Springs;

v  Keeler Road;

v  Knollwood Avenue;

v  Liberty House on Highland Road;

v  Liberty House on Van Dyke Avenue;

v  Lincoln Avenue;

v  Lindbergh Avenue;

v  Market Street;

v  McClellan Avenue;

v  McGibbon Avenue;

v  Memorial Hospital;

v  Northampton Road;

v  Oakland Avenue;

v  Pershing Road;

v  Princeton Street;

v  Pysanka Circle;

v  Ramsey Avenue;

v  Romeyn Avenue;

v  Ruth Street;

v  Sixth Avenue;

v  Stamford Avenue;

v  Summit Avenue;

v  Sunset Road;

v  Sylvia Lane;

v  The Mall;

v  Tremont Avenue;

v  University Place;

v  Valley View Road;

v  Van Dyke Avenue;

v  Wesleyan Avenue;

v  Whispering Pines Preschool;

v  Wilkes Avenue;

v  Wilkinson Nursing Home;

v  Yale Street;

v  Zanella Road;




If you should have any questions about this boil water advisory, pleasecall the Department of Public Works at 518-842-3691.