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Boil Water Advisory has been lifted - November 15, 2020

November 16, 2020



November 15, 2020


The City ofAmsterdam announces that the boil water

advisory forthe following streets/locations has been lifted:


v  Beacon Avenue;

v  Brown Street;

v  Chapel Place;

v  Christman Place;

v  Columbia Street;

v  Coolidge Road;

v  Dartmouth Street;

v  Deal Place;

v  Evelyn Avenue;

v  Fairmount Avenue;

v  Francisco Road;

v  George Street;

v  Glen Avenue;

v  Grant Avenue;

v  Harvard Avenue;

v  Henrietta Blvd.;

v  Highland Road;

v  Hill Crest Springs;

v  Keeler Road;

v  Knollwood Avenue;

v  Liberty House on Highland Road;

v  Liberty House on Van Dyke Avenue;

v  Lincoln Avenue;

v  Lindbergh Avenue;

v  Market Street;

v  McClellan Avenue;

v  McGibbon Avenue;

v  Memorial Hospital;

v  Northampton Road;

v  Oakland Avenue;

v  Pershing Road;

v  Princeton Street;

v  Pysanka Circle;

v  Ramsey Avenue;

v  Romeyn Avenue;

v  Ruth Street;

v  Sixth Avenue;

v  Stamford Avenue;

v  Summit Avenue;

v  Sunset Road;

v  Sylvia Lane;

v  The Mall;

v  Tremont Avenue;

v  University Place;

v  Valley View Road;

v  Van Dyke Avenue;

v  Wesleyan Avenue;

v  Whispering Pines Preschool;

v  Wilkes Avenue;

v  Wilkinson Nursing Home;

v  Yale Street;

v  Zanella Road;


All bacteria testing has been completedand results are satisfactory.  


You do not need to continue to boil yourwater.


NOTE: There areno other boil water advisories in effect.