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Amsterdam City Hall Closed to the Public Until Further Notice - Effective Tuesday, January 12, 2021

January 19, 2021

January 11, 2021




Amsterdam City Hall Closedto the Public Until Further Notice



AMSTERDAM, NY – Dueto the recent spike in COVID-19 cases inMontgomery County, Mayor Michael Cinquanti has announced that Amsterdam CityHall will be closed to the public except in limited circumstances starting Tuesday,January 12, 2021. City Hall will remain closed until the current spike in caseshas subsided.  Appointments will beavailable for departments as needed and as noted below:


Assessor’s Office:


The office of the City ofAmsterdam Assessor will be available by phone or by appointment only 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday.To schedule an appointment or for any questions, please call (518) 841-4334. The public can also accesstheir assessment information at  


Grievance day is Tuesday, January 19, 2021. This yearGrievance Day will NOT be in person. Property owners  must submit their grievance application(RP-524) by mail, email, fax or drop it off at the City Hall drop box no laterthan 8pm Tuesday, January 19, 2021.


City Clerk & Vital Statistics:


Pleasego online to to download the form for the record you arerequesting and mail it in to  the CityClerk’s Office at 61 Church St.Amsterdam, NY 12010.  You may alsoplace the request in an envelope in the City Hall drop box which is located atthe door of the handicap accessible ramp. All record requests must include a copy of the requestor’s driver’slicense and a check or Money Order for the record.  If you have any questions regarding fees,please call (518) 841-4313. Please donot place cash in the drop box.  Therecords available by request include:


Obtainingcertified copies of marriage records

Obtainingcertified copies of Birth

ObtainingDeath Certificates


LimitedIn-person transactions will take place by appointment only. Individuals mustcall (518) 841-4313 to set up anin-person appointment at City Hall.


City Controller’s Office:

There are a few differentoptions available for payment of your January installment of taxes that aredue:


1.     You can mail any andall tax payments to 61 Church Street,Amsterdam, NY 12010. Those payments will be processed on a daily basis.Please do not mail cash to pay your taxes. Check or Money Order is thebest option for payment of these taxes. A receipt will be mailed to you onceyour payment has been processed.

2.     There is a drop boxat City Hall for anyone that wishes to drop off a tax payment but does not wishto mail it in. The drop box is located in the handicap accessible door at CityHall. Please do not leave cash payments in the drop box. Check or MoneyOrder is the best option for payment of these taxes. A receipt will be mailedto you once your payment has been processed.

3.     Your Januaryinstallment of taxes can also be paid online by visiting When on the site,click on the tab labeled “Pay Taxes” and follow theinstructions to do so.


4.      For circumstances that require an appointment with the TaxDepartment, please call (518) 841-4312.Any questions regarding the payment of your taxes can be directed to (518) 841-4337.



Department ofEngineering & Code Enforcement:


Allpermit applications, payments, and other transactions will take place byappointment only. To schedule an appointment please call (518) 841-4319.


Public Meetings,including meetings of the Common Council and Public Hearings:


Effectiveimmediately, all meetings of the Common Council will be done virtually andshall be closed to the public, including the media. The public will have theability to view common council meetings live on the City of Amsterdam Facebookpage and said meetings shall be recorded and transcribed.