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Alternate Parking to begin, Sunday November 1, 2020

October 15, 2020

Sunday, November 1, 2020, is the beginning of The City Of Amsterdam’s Alternate Parking Season.

From November 1st through November 14th, warning tickets will be issued to those in violation.


Alternate Parking:

Parking on city streets requires compliance with the “Odd-Even” parking system. This means that vehicles should be parked on the odd side (the side with odd house numbers) of the street on odd calendar days and on the even side on even calendar days. Since it is inconvenient to change sides at midnight, the time to switch is at 6:00PM. For example, if today were November 25th, (an ODD day) you would park on the side of the street with ODD house numbers. At 6:00PM you would move your vehicle to the side of the street with EVEN house numbers in preparation for the next day, November 26th, (an EVEN day)

These rules apply to all streets except those that are posted one side only parking.

Keep in mind that during the winter parking season, some months have two consecutive odd days. For example, December 31st and January 1st are both odd days, so your vehicle does not need to be moved until 6:00PM on January 1st.

Citizens who may be unsure of which side of the street to park on may contact the Amsterdam Police Department (842-1100) anytime of the day or night.

These rules are posted on signs like the one below at the entrances to the City.

If you would like a "Snow Brochure" with instructions, please message us here with your home address or send an email to