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Amsterdam Heroes

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William Zippiere

William Zippiere

United States Army
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William R. Zippiere was born on the South Side of Amsterdam on October 27, 1931 to Joseph and Rose Zepperi, the youngest of eleven children.  At the age of seventeen William joined the United States Army and was a member of Company B, 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, serving from January 5th, 1949 until his discharge on January 7th, 1952.  With the outbreak of North Korea’s invasion of South Korea, the 24th Infantry Division was one of the first American forces to be sent over as part of the United Nations Army.  William would rise to the rank of Sergeant and would even be awarded the Bronze Star Medal for heroic achievement near Chinju, Korea.  On August 2, 1950 then Private First Class Zippiere and a small group of men were cut off from the main body of their company.  Assuming command of the group, William set up defensive positions protecting their flanks and rear.  Seeing an enemy machine gun nest set up to fire upon the main company area, William with complete disregard for his own safety charged the position and attacked it with his browning automatic rifle, completely destroying the machine gun nest.  Afterwards, William led his group back to the protection of friendly lines.  After the war, William would return to Amsterdam, worked several jobs throughout the City of Amsterdam, married his wife Lillian and raised his three children and nine grandchildren until his death.