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Amsterdam Heroes

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Giuseppe (Joseph) Ripepi

Giuseppe (Joseph) Ripepi

United States Army
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Giuseppe(Joseph) Ripepi traveled to America from Southern Italy in 1904, settling in Amsterdam with his father and two brothers.  Forging through the struggles of being an immigrant at the turn of the century, he managed to teach himself to speak English, play the violin, become a barber, and lived as a proud American. In 1918, when he felt his country needed him most, Joseph joined the U.S Army and soon found himself serving in France during the First World War. He fought valiantly in the battles of World War I, at one point was reported MIA and presumed dead.  Joseph fought in the Battle of Saint-Mihiel in the northeastern region of France where he was shot during battle.  He was later honored for his bravery by the French Government as well as receiving the World War I Victory Medal for his bravery during the horrific battles of World War I. Joseph’s service was deemed honest and faithful and his character excellent by the U.S. Army before his honorable discharge. His name is proudly etched onto the magnificent World War I Memorial which stands in Amsterdam’s West End Veteran’s Park. He lived the remainder of his life in the East End of Amsterdam surrounded by his beautiful family, thanking God every day for his chance to live in the United States of America. His deep love and devotion to God, country and family was an inspiration to those that knew him and loved him.