Wayfinding Project

Wayfinding Signs
Wayfinding Signs 2

This project includes the development of a vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding system for destinations throughout the downtown, a public realm art program and the marketing of downtown assets through a unified branding strategy. The City has many great amenities, but some can be difficult to find or navigate without proper signage. This wayfinding system will create a cohesive and consistent approach that will help with marketing initiatives, place making efforts, and tourism generation. The right messaging can help create an overall identity for the City and celebrate its past, present and future. This project includes the design and implementation of signage that is complementary to downtown’s character, installation of public art that reinforces the vibrancy and culture of Amsterdam, and the development and deployment of a marketing campaign to promote downtown Amsterdam.

***This project is considered a Phase II project and will begin once NYS Rt 5 eastbound is closed***