NYS Rt5 Closure Project

Existing NYS Rt 5
Proposed NYS Rt 5

The removal of the eastbound portion of NYS Route 5 and the re-purposing of it to create desirable “Greenspace” is critical to driving more traffic into the City’s downtown and preparing key sites for development. This funding would aid in redirecting traffic underneath the NYS Route 30 Bridge toward Washington Street where traffic would turn right to reconnect with NYS Route 5. This will free land for the development of the proposed Recreation Center. Funding would specifically be used for temporary barriers, signage, striping and the removal of asphalt and paving at the Recreation Center site. The City of Amsterdam has worked closely with the NYS Department of Transportation to realize this project. An environmental review is necessary for closing this portion of NYS Route 5 will be included with the Community Center/Recreation Center design.