Chuctanunda Creek Trail Expansion Project

Chuc Rendering
Chuck Trail Concept

As the second phase of a well-received interpretive trail along the Chuctanunda Creek, this investment would not only create an attractive recreation trail, but an educational opportunity highlighting nearby destinations and landmarks. Additionally, this investment would complete the missing links of a much larger recreational trail system thereby connecting the downtown to important historic destinations and an established recreation area to the north of the downtown. The trail would improve visibility and attract more tourism to the downtown, particularly from visitors using the Empire State Trail or arriving at the boat landing at Riverlink Park.

Currently, as the creek passes through the downtown, it runs past the back of buildings, parking lots and loading areas. As the trail gains in popularity and generates more pedestrian traffic, it is anticipated that private property owners will in turn make investments to their properties to attract trail-going customers, either through building rehabilitation, or by redeveloping the property all together. This may be realized very soon with the proposed expansion and outdoor activity area at the Amsterdam Free Library, and already occurs at East Main Street where the Chuctanunda Creek Trail coincides with the street as the creek runs below the street. 

The trail also provides one of the only green recreation areas in the downtown, and will serve as an attractive amenity to fuel the growing downtown residential community, and promote physical activity among the City’s residents

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