Golf Commission

Creation of Commission

There is hereby created to advise the Mayor and the Common Council in the management, operation and maintenance of the Arthur Carter Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course of the City of Amsterdam a Commission, to be known as the "Arthur Carter Amsterdam Municipal Golf Commission."

Such Commission shall consist of a board of six members, one of whom shall be a nonvoting Alderman. The Alderman so designated by the Mayor shall serve as a member of such Commission coterminously with the term of the Mayor who appoints the Alderman. The other five members of such Commission shall not be either a City employee or official.

Powers and Duties of the Commission

  • It shall be the duty of the Commission to organize, manage, operate, maintain and govern said golf course and appurtenances.
  • The Commission shall have full authority to manage, maintain and operate said golf course and prepare a proposed annual operating budget and submit to the Mayor and Common Council by February 1 of each year. The Commission shall also, at the same time, make recommendations to the Mayor and the Common Council all fee schedules for play, season passes, cart storage, cart rental, locker rental and all other charges, which fees shall be recommended by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council.

Commission Members:

  • Kevin  Canale  (Golf Pro) 
  • William Dzierson 
  • Tim Holloway
  • Robert Karutis 
  • Arthur Phillips  
  • Christine Sherlock
  • Alderman Martuscello/Alderman S. Gomula (Non Voting)