Taxes & Payments

Your taxes help the city pay for the critical infrastructure and services that our city needs to operate. The two key offices that handle taxes are the City Controller's Office and the City Assessor's Office which handles property assessments.

  1. Controller's Office

The City Controller is responsible for the fiscal operations and accounting and collection of taxes for the City of Amsterdam.

As a matter of fiscal control and responsibility to the residents of our City, all purchase orders, including the purchase of new equipment, including office equipment, Department of Public Works equipment, police and fire and more, all must pass through the Controllers office for approval and record keeping.

The Controller is involved with the day to day money matters and works directly with the Mayor and City Council Members when formulating the Budget.

If you have questions related to your taxes, please Contact the Controller's Office at 518-841-4355.

  1. Tax Collection Dates
  1. How to Pay Your Taxes
  1. Making Your Tax Payments