Brumley Jr., Roy "Butch"

Roy D. Brumley Jr. - Navy - 1969 to 1971

Roy "Butch" Brumley Jr.

United States Navy
1969 to 1971

Roy “Butch” Deal Brumley Jr. was born in Amsterdam on October 14, 1946. Roy attended Wilbur Lynch High School and upon graduation sought a technical education at a machinist’s school where he graduated with top honors. Roy enlisted in the United States Navy as a Fireman E2 and served aboard the USS Enterprise during the Vietnam War. He was stationed off the Gulf of Tonkin. Later, the Enterprise was sent to the South China Sea on standby when the USS Pueblo was seized by North Korean assailants. He was a Shipmate in 1969 when an accidental rocket detonation caused a series of explosions that destroyed 15 planes and resulted in more than 300 injuries and 27 deaths.

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