Court Services

The Amsterdam Municipal Court was established by city charter. The court maintains the judicial branch responsibilities of the City government based on enactments adopted by the City Council. Types of cases handled regularly in the City Court include criminal, traffic, and civil, which include small claims, evictions, and consumer and commercial claims.

Municipal Court Structure

There are two judges who currently work at Amsterdam Municipal Court. One position is full-time and carries a ten-year term. That position is currently held by Judge Lisa W Lorman. The other position is part-time and only carries a six-year term. Judge William Mycek holds this position. Both full and part-time judges for the City Court must be elected to their position.

Traffic Tickets

Amsterdam City Court is held on Thursday mornings at 10:30 for any and all traffic tickets, payments for violations are accepted at the Court Clerk's window.

Parking Tickets

Parking Summons' received are to be paid at City Hall, and payments are accepted at the City Controller's office. This includes the orange tickets people receive during the winter for parking on the wrong side of the street.