Animal Control & Welfare

The main function of the Animal Control Officer is to maintain a safe and peaceful environment for the citizens of our City. The Animal Control officer enforces city code pertaining to pets and pet ownership.

If you have a wild animal on your property, do not approach it! Wild animals are dangerous and may carry rabies. For safe removal of wild animals please call a nuisance wildlife Animal Control officer.

Animal Guidelines for the City of Amsterdam

For City of Amsterdam residents who own pets such as cats or dogs, there are several things you should know about prohibited acts for yourselves and your pets.

  • All Dogs must be licensed, and have up-to-date vaccinations for rabies and distemper. Licenses may be obtained at the City Clerk's Office.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times. The leash should be no longer than 8 feet in length.
  • Loud howling, barking or crying for a period of more than 15 minutes that disturbs the comfort of any person other than the pets' owners is not permitted.
  • Do not allow your pets to create a nuisance by defecating, urinating, or digging on public or private property other than that of the owners.
  • If you keep pets in your home, the residence must be a clean and sanitary environment for your pet.

As per the City Code of Amsterdam, any person violating any provision of this article may, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not more than $250, imprisonment for not more than 15 days, or both such fine and imprisonment. Said penalties are in addition to any pound fee required for such actions.

In NY State, Animal Abuse is considered a Felony. If you suspect or witness a case of Animal Abuse, please contact Animal Control or for immediate assistance contact the Amsterdam Police Department. For emergencies, dial 911.