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Walter Elwood Museum

Amsterdam, NY MuseumsThe Walter Elwood Museum is a gateway to learning using the past to illuminate the present. Utilizing local experience, stories and artifacts, we examine history and culture in all its dimensions. We offer educational programs, unique collections and creative activities to enrich understanding of ourselves and each other.

As a cultural center, the Museum inspires curiosity, creativity, and understanding of our past and present. The Museum promotes a dynamic, rich, unified community that values its heritage.

Noteworthy Indian Museum

The Noteworthy Indian Museum is created from more than 60,000 artifacts collected from around the Northeast that help to tell the story of the Mohawk Indians. Artifacts such as beadwork, clay pots, stone tools and weaved baskets help create a cultural timeline depicted by these artifacts and illustrations allowing us to trace back 12,000 years of history and get a glimpse into the lives of early Native American tribes in the Mohawk Valley. The museum is open for the months of June through August.

  • Location: Corner of Prospect and Church Streets
  • Phone: (518) 843-4761
  • Website:

Old Fort Johnson:

During these past few decades, under the leadership of the late president, Mrs. Rebecca M. Evans, Fort Johnson was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1974, was the subject of an historic structures study in 1977, and underwent an extensive restoration project between 1979 and 1981; this building, representative of the best of colonial architecture, has survived relatively untouched by the changes of style and time for 250 years.

In recent years the Society has added new programs and events including; Colonial Days, an 18th Century event featuring military re-enactors, traders and demonstrators; A Holiday Open House, a celebration of the start of the holiday season; and Sundays at the Fort, programs throughout the season on different aspects of colonial life and Montgomery County History. Through its ongoing preservation efforts, the Montgomery County Historical Society continues to provide public access to this important historic site in the Mohawk Valley.

  • Location: Corner of Routes 5 and 67 One mile west of Amsterdam, NY
  • Phone: (518) 843-0300
  • Website:

Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame:

The mission of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame (PWHF) is to maintain organized volunteerism that preserves and promotes the dignified history of professional wrestling. Our purpose is to enshrine and pay tribute to professional wrestlers who have advanced this national pastime in terms of athletics and entertainment. We will remain steadfast in our efforts and energies to secure and enhance the structure of our Museum, and generate community and commerce building events for betterment of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and the area that is its home. In doing so we will acquire and maintain records, memorabilia, and artifacts related to professional wrestling. These enterprises will advance the legacy of the sport of professional wrestling, and give due credit and commemoration to those who have contributed to its greatness.

  • Location: 30 East Main Street Amsterdam, NY
  • Phone: (518) 842-0022
  • Website:

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