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Protect Our Environment

Amsterdam, NY Southside FallsToday, more than ever before environmental conservation has gained attention as a major issue not only for residents of Amsterdam, or even New York State, but for the nation as a whole. The effects we as a society have had on our environment cannot be undone, but future damage can be averted if we all start to recognize how important environmental conservation is to our survival.

We are dependent upon our environment to provide clean air, clean water, food, natural resources and a particular climate. To allow the negative affects we have on our environment to continue unchecked would be a disaster.

The City of Amsterdam asks every resident to do whatever they can to help protect our environment. Whether recycling your paper and plastic disposables, or turning off any lights or water in your home that are not being used so as to conserve energy. Upstate New York gets very cold during the winter, so another option to help conserve energy would be the westernization of your home to allow for more efficient heating during the winter, and cooling during the hot summers.

Please Note:

The City of Amsterdam's Sewer Maintenance Department is requesting that all city residents be reminded that rubber gloves, paper towels, baby wipes, feminine products, cooking oils and other similar disposable products should NOT be disposed of by flushing them down their toilets. These items should be disposed of in your weekly garbage pickup. Due to the age and size of the City's Sanitary Sewer System, the above items are causing blockage problems in the Sanitary Sewer Mains and YOUR sanitary sewer laterals.

El departamento del mantenimiento de la alcantarilla de Amsterdam está solicitando a todos los residentes de la ciudad de Amsterdam que los guantes de goma, las toallas de papel de cocina, toallitas húmedas para bebé, productos femeninos, aceite de cocinar y otros productos desechables NO deberian ser desechos en los servicios sanitarios de la cuidad. Los artículos antedichos deberían ser desechos semanalmente cuando te recogan la basura. Esto es debido a la edad y al tamaño del sistema de alcantarilla sanitario de la ciudad, los artículos antedichos están causando problemas de la obstrucción en las cañerías sanitarias de la alcantarilla generales y SU cañerías sanitarias.

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