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Exemptions 2017 For the Enhanced STAR and Senior Citizens


September 12, 2017




City of Amsterdam Mayor Michael Villa today released important information for city taxpayers, regarding real property tax exemptions.  Included are both new applications and renewal applications for exemptions such as Enhanced STAR and Senior Citizens.

December 1st is the City’s deadline to file either new or renewal applications for any real property tax exemption.  The most common exemptions requiring filing are the Enhanced STAR and Senior Citizen exemptions, both of which are available to homeowners who are of age 65 before the end of the 2018 year.  Please note:  The City deadline is not the same as that for surrounding townships.

Assessor Calvin Cline reported that homeowners, who currently enjoy either of the two previous exemptions, have been mailed renewal applications.  He asked that seniors check their mailboxes for the renewal forms, which may be returned by mail or in person.

The City Assessor’s Office will receive applications at City Hall, and will be available to assist taxpayers with their completion.  Both exemptions require taxpayers to submit information about their 2016 income, whether by federal or state income tax return, or income statements such as Form 1099.

Additionally, Veterans who hold the Veterans “qualified funds” exemption may also qualify for the Alternate Veterans Exemption for school tax purposes.  An application is required to be submitted by December 1st for the exemption to be applied to the 2018-2019 school tax.  Cold War Veterans do not qualify under the current legislation.

To reach the City of Amsterdam Assessor’s Office:  Please call 841-4334; or stop in person Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM; or by mail at City Hall, 61 Church Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010; or by email at


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