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Golf Course Rates and Cart Rental Fees

April 23rd, 2014
Greens Fees Mon – Thru before 3 pm $26.00
Greens Fees Fri- Sun before 3pm $29.00
Twilight after 3 pm $18.00
Twilight after 3 pm after 9/10 $15.00
9 Hole 7am to 11am Mon – Thru $15.00
Group Midweek 20 or more M-T 20 players $21.00
Group Midweek 20 or more Fri -Sun 20 players $26.00
Golf Book $198.00
Wednesday Special (golf w/ cart)  (10am – 2pm) $28.00



Locker Rental $32
Gas Cart Storage $365
Electric Cart Storage $398



Members Cart Rental 18 holes


Greens Fee Cart Rental 18 Holes


Member Cart Rental 9 holes


Greens Fee Cart Rental 9 holes


Unlimited Cart (Cart Rental Seasonal)




April 23rd, 2014

The first week of a four-week water main flushing program by the Department of Public Works begins Sunday, April 27, 2014 through Friday, May 2, 2014, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.  Water will be temporarily disturbed due to the flushing.  During this operation, residents will be unable to use their water and should store a sufficient amount before that time.  Avoid laundering during this period.

 After flushing is complete, you may encounter discolored or dirty water.  This condition is disturbing but will dissipate if you turn on your cold water through all interior faucets for awhile and flush out the discolored water.

 The flushing schedule is as follows:


Sunday, April 27/Monday, April 28 – Area 1

Ellsworth St., Frances St., Crescent Ave., Clizbe Ave. between City line and Northern Blvd., Hewitt St., Northern Blvd., Austin St., Rockton St., Finlay St., Wilbur St., Locust Ave. between Clizbe Ave. and Lyon  St., Lindsay St., Smyrna St., Lyon St.

 Monday, April 28/Tuesday April 29 – Area 2

 Clizbe Ave. between Northern Blvd. And Woodrow Rd., First St., Second St., Sloane Ave., Clark Ave., Fourth St., Third St., Forest Ave. between Lyon St. and Fourth St., Woodridge Rd., Wilton Rd., Woodrow Rd., Woodrow Loop, Sanford Ave. between Law Pl. and Forest Ave., McCleary Ave. between Sloane Ave. and Law Pl., McNeir Ave. between Sloane Ave. and Law Pl., Cochrane Ave. between Sloane Ave. and Law Pl., Smith Ave. between Sloane Ave. and Law Pl. and Devendorf St.

 Tuesday, April 29/Wednesday April 30 – Area 3


Clizbe Ave. between Woodrow Rd. and Regina Ln., Stella Ln., Peter Ln., Jonathan Ln., Bylina Ln., Regina Ln., Village Lane North, Village Lane East, Village Lane West, Sanford Ave. between Law Pl. and Clizbe Ave., McCleary Ave. from Law Pl. to Sanford Ave., McNeir Ave. from Law Pl. to Sanford Ave., Smith Ave. from Law Pl. to Sanford Ave. and Cochrane Ave. between Law Pl. and Sanford Ave., Law Pl., Charles Lane

 Wednesday, April 30/Thursday May 1 – Area 4


Clizbe Ave. between Regina Ln. and Church St., Virginia Ln., Church Street between Clizbe Ave. and Edson St., Crouse St., Hawk St., Vrooman Ave. between Edson St. and Crane St., Wren St., Brice St., Van St., Julia St., Lodge St., Catherine St., Gorski St., Crane St., Lenox St., Chopin Pkwy., Conrad Pl., Kopernik Blvd., Young Ave.

 Thursday, May 1/Friday May 2 – Area 5


Forest Ave. between Fourth St. and Church  St., Bigelow Ave., Locust Ave. between Van Derveer St. and Prospect St., Harding Rd., McKinley Ave., Harrison Ave., Garfield Pl., Roosevelt Rd., Park St., Grand St., Milton Ave., Fourth Ave., Third Ave., Van Derveer St., Belmont Pl., Merrill Ave., Willow St., Second Ave., First Ave., Taft Pl., Hayes Pl.


Water Shut Down – West Main Street

April 23rd, 2014


 The City of Amsterdam announced that due to water utility work on West Main Street there will be a water shutdown, Thursday, April 24, 2014, from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

 Streets with no water will be West Main Street between Yeoman Street and Bayard Street. Streets in the vicinity will experience dirty water and/or low water pressure.

 After the water is restored, be advised that you may experience discolored or dirty water.  This condition will dissipate if you turn on your cold water through all interior faucets for awhile and flush out the discolored water.

 If you should have any questions about this shut down, please call the Department of Public Works at 518-842-3691.


April 22nd, 2014

Civil Service Exam for Water Treatment Plant Operator/Trainee is being held

on June 21, 2014.  Last filing date is May 13, 2014.  Contact Civil Service at

841-4341 for additonal information.



April 1st, 2014

April 1, 2014

I am pleased to present the FY 2014/15 Proposed Budget for consideration by the City of Amsterdam Common Council and its citizens. As the economy slowly improves from the worldwide recession that began in 2008/09 and problems of record keeping in the Controller’s office are finally being addressed, the City is substantially stronger for all of its struggles.

The FY 2014/15 Proposed Budget funds everything from law enforcement services to recreation programs to street maintenance.  Over six years, the city has aggressively pursued measures to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and fight the effects of time on infrastructure and property. We strive to treat our employees fairly while seeking fiscally responsible efficiencies at all levels of government. This document is the result of a great commitment to what is best for our residents and the future of our community.

Of particular note in the FY 2014/15 Proposed Budget:

  • The real property tax levy remains under the state mandated property tax cap, coming in at 1.85%. Since this cap was put in place three years ago, we have never exceeded the cap.
  • Utility fees are under the self-imposed 3% cap with the exception of commercial and industrial metered water, which is still billed at a rate that is lower than the rate charged to flat rate residential users.
  • Health insurance costs are flat, as are liability insurance costs.
  • Amortizing the police and fire retirements, as well as the Employee Retirement System payments has reduced pension expenses.
  • Unallocated insurance for the fire department has been reduced by incorporating into the County’s Workman’s Compensation Plan. The County will now pay the premium for this component as they do for other fire departments across the County.
  • The Aid and Incentives for Municipalities (AIM) payment from the state, a major source of revenue for general fund expenses, is unchanged again this year.
  • Sales tax has been conservatively projected to increase by 3%.
  • Revenue sharing with the Towns of Florida and Amsterdam is up by $30,000 this year.
  • Revisions to the water and sewer rates have enhanced revenues in both funds. These changes have helped to keep residential water and sewer rates stable.
  • Debt service rates have increased based on our recent borrowing, though in five years time much of the general fund debt will have been repaid. The increase in debt had come about because we replaced aging equipment and funded long overdue capital projects that had been put off to the point of being hazardous to employees and residents. We also bonded in anticipation of revenue we would receive as reimbursement via grants. This has been good for our employees and residents. To manage this situation more effectively, we will put together a five-year Capital Plan to sequence borrowing and reduce fluctuations in the coming years.
  • Electricity costs may go up. We have increased contingency to reflect this projection, should this change become a reality.
  • We have added positions in the following areas: a Safety Officer that will be shared with the County; a Supervisor for DPW to deal with project management and discipline; and a Secretary to be shared between Employee Relations and Civil Service.
  • As full-time drivers have retired in the Transportation Department, we have taken advantage of casual drivers to cut costs by $130,000. Efforts are underway with various agencies and institutions to share the cost of this service, but even with that effort, the transportation fund will still need an interfund transfer from the general fund of $252,421. The city will have to assess whether or not to continue to provide this service as the cost has escalated precipitously over six years.
  • The Golf Fund reflects cart revenue that will provide for staffing, marketing and course improvements. The fund also shows an increase in its reserves.

We can be cautiously optimistic and plan for continued improvement of our fiscal condition given the work we have done in the past year to overcome our challenges and the excellent caliber of our staff. I am very grateful to our department heads for submitting budgets that held to the tax cap and still provide essential services to our constituency. I am especially appreciative of the long hours Controller Matthew Agresta and Corporation Counsel Gerry DeCusatis devoted to put this budget together in a timely fashion.

I respectfully offer this FY 2014/15 Proposed Budget to the Common Council and the hope that they are sensitive to the needs of each department and our labors to grow our community through responsible investment.

Mayor Ann M. Thane


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