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Zoning Board of Appeals:

The general purpose of the Zoning Board of Appeals is to hear and decide any appeal or decision, order or interpretation by the Code Enforcement officer whose duty it is to enforce the zoning ordinance, and this board shall have the power to reverse any decision of the Code Enforcement officer on a concurring vote of the board as provided by statute.

  • Chairperson: Vincent Fiorillo (518) 842-9076

Planning Board/Commission:

The Planning Commission is responsible for ensuring that new land development meets both state and local zoning regulations.  Some of the duties of the Planning Board include reviewing subdivision plans, approving the issuance of building permits and granting certificates of occupancy.  The Planning Board also holds hearings concerning articles to be considered at City official’s meetings on rezoning, zoning definitions and regulations.

  • Chairperson:  Mike Kilgallen (518) 281-0307


Since its inception the Amsterdam Industrial Development Agency (AIDA) has been charged with the creation and retention of jobs in the City of Amsterdam.  AIDA offers assistance to businesses in the form of taxable and non taxable bonds, Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) programs, as well as loans through our Jobs for Amsterdam fund.  AIDA also works closely with local agencies such as the Montgomery County IDA, the Chamber of Commerce and the Workforce Solutions Center.  As a result of AIDA’s close alliance with the Workforce Solutions Center we can also offer access to training programs and, in general, access to the local workforce.

  • Chairperson:  Jody Zakrevsky (518) 841-4364

Civil Service Commission:

The Amsterdam Civil Service Commission oversees the hiring practices of the City of Amsterdam as well as the Greater Amsterdam School District and Amsterdam Housing Authority. It is their responsibility to see that people are hired who meet the requirements of the merit and fitness system as mandated by the Civil Service Law.  This commission is comprised of 4 members who serve for a term of 6 years by Mayoral appointment.  Current chairman of the commission is Gary McNeil who will serve until May 2010.

  • Chairperson: Gary McNeil (518) 423-6764

Board of Ethics:

The Board of Ethics consists of five members appointed by the Mayor who serve without compensation and at the pleasure of the Mayor. A majority of the members on the Board of Ethics must be persons other than officers or employees of the City of Amsterdam, New York, but shall include the Corporation Counsel of the City of Amsterdam and, whenever possible, one Common Council member of the minority party in office.  The Board of Ethics shall have the powers and duties prescribed by Article 18 of the General Municipal Law.  Additionally, the Board may make recommendations with respect to any amendments to the Code of Ethics upon request of the Common Council.  

  • Chairperson:

Golf Commission:

The Golf Commission consists of a board of six members, one of whom shall be a nonvoting Alderman. The Alderman designated by the Mayor shall serve as a member of the Commission only for the term of the Common Council of which he or she is a member. The other five members of the Golf Commission shall not be either a city employee or official.  This commission was created in and for the management, operation and maintenance of the Arthur Carter Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course of the City of Amsterdam. 

  • Chairperson:

Urban Renewal Agency:

Originally formed to undertake large scale urban renewal projects in the 1960's, the Amsterdam Urban Renewal Agency now facilitates a broad range of community renewal and investment projects in the City.  Urban renewal investment projects include: neighborhood revitalization and housing rehabilitation programs, Main Street revitalization, waterfront, and public works projects throughout the City of Amsterdam.  The Urban Renewal Agency is charged with one of the most important revitalization tasks; that of administering grants as well as writing grants for the City of Amsterdam.

  • Chairperson: Robert Martin (518) 796-7087

Waterfront Commission:

The Waterfront Commission was formed to oversee the operation, maintenance and preservation of the City's waterfront areas.  This Commission consists of five members appointed by the Mayor, with the consent of the Common Council.  All revenues generated by the Commission shall be used to cover Waterfront Commission costs and assist in funding capital projects and/or operation expenses at the Amsterdam Waterfront, including the Riverlink Park and any other city-owned waterfront parks, marinas, docks or other waterfront developments. 

  • Chairperson:

Property Disposition Committee:

This committee is currently comprised of 5 members whom are all employed by the City.  Their job is to review the applications of residents who are interested in purchasing city owned property; at the recommendation of the Property Disposition Coordinator.  The Committee will review the completed application and commentary of the Property Disposition Coordinator and may also ask to schedule an interview with the applicant if further information is warranted.  The approved application, with recommendations of the Property Disposition Committee, will be forwarded to the Common Council of the City of Amsterdam for deliberation and final approval.

  • Chairperson: Chief Michael Whitty (518) 843-1312

Plumbing Board:

The Board shall examine all applicants to determine their qualifications and fitness to receive licenses to engage in the business of plumbing as a master plumber in the City of Amsterdam. A written examination prepared by the Plumbing Board of Examiners is the basis for examinations of applicants. Any applicant who meets all qualifications set by the Board and passes the written examination is entitled to receive a license to engage in the business of a master plumber upon payment of any applicable fees, certificate of insurance, and workmen's compensation documentation. 

  • Secretary: Charles Beck 518-842-1449

Health Inspector: Commissioner of Health

The Commissioner of Health is appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Common Council for a term of four years. Under the direction and supervision of the Mayor, he shall serve as the Chief Health Officer of the City.  The Commissioner of Health shall be responsible for and shall supervise all public health activities of the City. He or she shall be responsible for and perform all duties prescribed by any state law or City law or ordinance relating to public health.  The Commissioner of Health should also keep and maintain all vital statistics of the City, and prepare, attest and report on such vital statistics.

  • Health Inspector: Dr. Sean Ryan (518) 843-6613

Electrical License Board of Examiners:

The Electrical License Board examines all applicants for licenses to determine the qualifications and fitness of the applicants to receive licenses to engage in the business of electrician and as master electrician. A written examination prepared by the Board of Examiners shall be the basis for examinations of applicants. Any applicant who meets all qualifications set by the Board and passes the written examination shall be entitled to receive a license to engage in the business of a master electrician upon payment of any fees applicable.  This board is also responsible for revocation of any electrical licenses granted within the City if there arise any problems that would disallow someone from maintaining their license.

  • Chairperson: Thomas Pasquarelli (518)-843-1244

Citizens Review Board:

The Citizens Review Board consists of three residents of the City, each of whom shall be elected at large at the general election for terms of three years.  Their duties include looking into all complaints against any elected or appointed officer or employee of the City of Amsterdam or against any specific procedure or any agency of City government.  Their first option is to seek solutions privately, if possible, to problems alleged by a complaint by encouraging and assisting negotiations between the parties involved. If they cannot resolve the situation, then they shall conduct informal hearings for cases where a complaint appears to have merit, at which the officer or employee against whom the complaint is made shall have opportunity to answer the complaint.  

  • Chairperson: Mary Lyford (518) 842-5617

Bingo Inspector:

The main responsibility of the Bingo Inspector is to inspect all games of bingo conducted under any license issued by the City of Amsterdam to ensure that every game is conducted in accordance with the provisions of such license, as well as the rules and regulations promulgated by the State Racing and Wagering Board and the Bingo Control Law.

  • Inspector: David Nicosia 518-843-3766

Amsterdam Recreation Commission:

The Recreation Commission was formed to conduct and supervise all recreation activities in all public parks and recreational areas and facilities excepting for the organization and operation of the Arthur Carter Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course.  The Commission consists of seven members appointed for terms of seven years.   Appointees must have demonstrated continuing interest in community recreation activities and programs.

  • Chairperson: Rob Spagnola (518) 841-4328

Board of Assessment Review:

There shall be a Board of Assessment Review which shall be constituted and empowered as provided in the Real Property Tax Law.  The tentative assessment roll shall be completed on or before January 1 and shall be available for public inspection at the Office of the City Assessor thereafter during regular business hours until the third Tuesday in January, on which day the Board of Assessment Review shall meet to hear complaints in relation to assessments. 

  • Chairperson:

Amsterdam Housing Authority Board:

This Board is comprised of 7 members.  Two commissioners that are elected by residents of AHA owned residences serve 2 year terms.  The five commissioners appointed by the Mayor serve 5 year, staggered terms.  The seven commissioner board attends monthly meetings for purposes of reviewing financial statements and passing resolutions and policies of governance of the Amsterdam Housing Authority.  Meetings are normally held the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. The meetings are held at the main office located at 52 Division Street, Amsterdam, NY.

  • Chairperson: Michael Dayian (518) 842-2894

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