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Engineering Department

The City of Amsterdam's Engineering and Public Works Department keep our City running smooth as well as help residents enjoy a high standard of living by maintaining, repairing and overseeing the infrastructure of The City of Amsterdam. The Engineering Department consists of four divisions which are administered by the City Engineer/Director of Public Works.

The four divisions are broken down as such: Division of Building and Zoning Enforcement, Water Filtration Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, and the DPW which includes streets, water/sewer and sanitation.


In addition to these City Departments, the City Engineer's Office is responsible for the following:

  • Consulting and technical support to other Departments within the City
  • Receiving and resolving public questions and concerns related to the Department
  • Capital improvement planning, administration and budgeting
  • Responsibility for the supervision of consulting engineers
  • Supervision and administration on behalf of the City of all contracts for public construction projects
  • Maintain custody of all City maps and surveys

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