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City Clerk's Office

Phone: (518) 841-4313 | Office Hours: Mon - Fri. 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The main responsibilities of the City Clerk entail handling requests for and maintenance of all birth and death records, as well as issuing licenses for:

  1. Marriage
  2. Owning a dog
  3. Auctioneers
  4. Transient Merchants and Peddlers
  5. Solicitors

When requesting birth, death, marriage and genealogy information by mail, it is required that you include a self addressed stamped envelope.

Due to the enactment of FOIL, or the Freedom of Information Law, there is greater transparency within local government. This law allows residents access to information about projects that the City may be involved in. Property Violations as well as Police Reports are the two most commonly requested items, but there is also information available about capital improvement projects that are currently underway in the City of Amsterdam.

Additionally, the City Clerk is responsible for maintaining any and all information pertinent to the Common Council that can be used at their monthly meetings. The Clerk prepares the agenda as well as most of the resolutions that are acted upon during these meetings. Meeting notices to employees and residents, legal ads, and public hearings are also prepared by the City Clerk.

Forms and Instructions
Fee Schedule
Birth Certificate Requests Genealogical Requests Special Events Permit FOIL Request Form
Death Certificate Requests Dual Citizenship Information Peddler/Vendor/Soliticor Application & Information Dog License Information & Application
Marriage Certificate Requests Affidavit of Request for Certified Death Certificate Secondhand Dealer Application & Information Non-Resident Multifamily & Commercial Property Owner Information & Form
Marriage License Information Affidavit of Request for Certified Marriage Certificate Transients Merchant Permit & Information Auctioneer's License & Information
Marriage License Application Apostille Information City Garage Sales Ordinance  
Fireworks Display Permit Claim Form    

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ALL APPLICATIONS FOR MARRIAGE LICENSES ONLY WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL 3:40 P.M. Processing of applications takes approximately 15 minutes.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Check our Licenses & Permits page for a full list of available forms and applications.

For more information about the City Clerk's Office, or the daily responsibilities, please call City Hall during normal hours of operation.

  • City Clerk: Laura Barquero
  • Deputy Clerk: Patricia Myers

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