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Urban Renewal Agency

Nick Zabawsky Urban RenewalOriginally formed to undertake large scale urban renewal projects in the 1960's, the Amsterdam Urban Renewal Agency now facilitates a broad range of community renewal and investment projects in the City.

Urban renewal investment projects include: neighborhood revitalization and housing rehabilitation programs, Main Street revitalization, waterfront, and public works projects throughout the City of Amsterdam.

The Urban Renewal Agency is charged with one of the most important revitalization tasks, that of administering grants as well as writing grants for the City of Amsterdam.

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Date Documents
October 25th, 2017 Minutes
May 25th, 2017 Minutes
2017 Annual Meeting Minutes
November 29, 2016 Minutes
May 23, 2016 Minutes
October 10, 2015Minutes
March 9, 2015Minutes
February 3, 2015 Meeting 1: Minutes Meeting 2: Minutes
December 15, 2014Minutes
July 30, 2014 Minutes
April 29, 2014Minutes
February 25, 2014Minutes
2014 Annual MeetingMinutes
December 30, 2013Minutes
August 13, 2013Minutes
April 25, 2013Minutes
March 28, 2013Minutes
January 10, 2013Minutes
2013 Annual MeetingMinutes
January 18, 2012Minutes
October 25, 2012Minutes


Current Grants:


Contact us

  • Amsterdam Urban Renewal Agency
  • 61 Church Street, City Hall 3rd Floor
  • Amsterdam, NY 12010
  • Phone: (518) 843-5190
  • Fax: (518) 841-4381
  • Email Amsterdam URA at

Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. - Monday through Friday, or arrangements may be made by appointment.

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