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Traffic Planning

Amsterdam, NY Traffic PlanningThe City of Amsterdam is currently in the process of securing funding from the Federal Stimulus package given to the State of New York to help improve our Department of Transportation infrastructure. Each county was asked to provide a list of their most pressing needs in this area and funds will be dispersed to each county based on this need.

Included in the amount requested by the City of Amsterdam to address our transportation problems was funds to repair roads within the City limits that are considered Federal Aid Eligible. One major requirement to be considered Federal Aid Eligible is that the streets included for repair have not used State money to pave or fix the roads within the last 10 years. While there may be streets that could use the repairs more, if they have been repaired at all in the last 10 years, then this money from the Federal Stimulus Package cannot be used to help fix it now.

Amsterdam is part of the New York State Department of Transportation Region Two which consists of 6 counties in Upstate New York. Each of these municipalities was told to rank their road construction projects from most important to least. They were also asked to estimate the cost of these repairs. Of the six counties, Montgomery County, where Amsterdam is located received the 3rd highest allotment with a total of $842,000. The streets that have been included for this project are Guy Park Avenue, Edson Street, Clizbe Avenue, Locust Avenue and Van Dyke Avenue.

Another benefit of this initiative by the Federal Government is that the Department of Transportation will be handling the entire work load. It will not be necessary for the City to send these jobs out for bid, or do any of the actual work themselves. One thing they will be doing is checking to see that there are no underlying problems on the above mentioned streets. For example, any pipes that may need repair would have to be done before the road repairs could be completed. And any of that work would be done by our own employees rather than the Department of Transportation because it is not included in the Stimulus money.

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