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Storm Water

Amsterdam, NY Storm WaterStorm water is the precipitation that falls from the sky, whether rain or snow. This precipitation gathers in the street gutters and leads into a network of storm drains throughout the City. Sometimes, storm water infiltrates the sanitary sewer system. This is sometimes caused by broken pipes, open joints or advanced corrosion in a very aged water collection system. Another source is where storm sewers were connected to sanitary sewers as a matter of convenience in the past.

Massive storm water dilution of a sanitary sewer system greatly impairs the ability of the wastewater plant to treat domestic and industrial waste. For example, our normal flow of about 7 million gallons per day (MGD) will approach 20 MGD with a heavy rainstorm. Couple this increase with open joints or broken pipes in the sanitary sewer system and there can be serious problems for our clean water supply.

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