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Neighborhood Revitalization Projects

Northern Neighborhoods – Vision Statement

The revitalized Trolley District neighborhoods are proud of their historic homes, businesses, employment opportunities, natural resources and recreational amenities. The magnificent Chuctanunda waterway that once powered the City's economic growth continues to serve as an integral asset by connecting neighborhoods and providing a link to the City’s industrial heritage. The neighborhood industrial centers have been creatively repurposed consistent with the City’s historic character and they remain important to the economic success of the City while being sensitive to surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Draft Goals

  1. The close-knit urban neighborhoods originally built to house factory workers should be restored street by street to create safe, clean, inviting and friendly neighborhoods.
  2. Vacant and abandoned homes should be restored and re-occupied. Structures that cannot be rehabilitated should be removed and the property redeveloped.
  3. Properties that are contaminated should be remediated and restored to productive uses as opportunities arise.
  4. Vacant and underutilized industrial buildings should be restored to a mixture of incubator space, light industrial, residential, commercial, artist and cultural uses.
  5. Through private and public investments, these neighborhoods should gain access to modern and improved infrastructure, new neighborhood parks and community gardens.
  6. New neighborhood stores and restaurants should be encouraged through local support and city land use policies as they are key elements to diversity and thriving neighborhoods.
  7. The Chuctanunda Creek Greenway Trail should be constructed to serve as a recreational and cultural interpretive trail for neighborhood and city residents as well as visitors. Once completed, it will provide a linear green historic backbone through the neighborhoods and connect with the City’s downtown and waterfront areas along the Mohawk River through other walking and bike paths.

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Neighborhood Revitalization Documents  
Community Context Map:Community-Context-Map.pdf - 724 KB
Study Area Context Map: Study-Area-Context-Map.pdf - 566 KB
East End Vision Statement and Goals: East-End-Vision-Statement-and-Goals.pdf - 140 KB
East End Existing Land Use Map: East-End-Existing-Land-Use-Map.pdf - 295 KB
Actions for Revitalization Map - East End: Actions-for-Revitalization-Map-East-End.pdf - 3.71 MB
Northern Neighborhoods Vision and Goals: Northern-Neighborhoods-Vision-and-Goals.pdf - 162 KB
Northern Neighborhoods Existing Land Use Map: Northern-Neighborhoods-Existing-Land-Use.pdf - 349 KB
Actions for Revitalization Map - Northern Neighborhoods: Actions-for-Revitalization-Northern-Neighborhoods.pdf - 3.85 MB

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