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Amsterdam, NY Southside ArmoryAre you looking to expand or start a business in the City of Amsterdam? Below are the available properties registered with the city. Contact Robert von Hasseln , Community and Economic Development at 518 841-4323.

If you are looking to relocate your business, you may also be interested in residential and commercial real estate.

For further assistance, please contact one of our local area realtors.

Address: Use Square Ft.: Lease/Sale: Price:
City Owned 59 Milton Ave. Mixed Use N/A N/A (518) 841-4319
Randy Lott Buildings 50 Willow St. Stor./Manu. 182,000
2.5-$4/sq. ft.
Clock Tower 37 Prospect St. Mixed Use 150,000 Lease $6/sq. ft*
Adrian Colon

Fucillo's 107 W. Main St. Mixed Use 6,968 Lease/Sale $249,900.00
Old Tire Store Pine/West Main Retail 6/7,ooo Sale $119,000.00
5 Corners Forest Ave/Church St.

Esquire Building Forest Ave.
Commercial 103,000

Ward Products Building Edson Street Commercial 20,000 Lease/Sale $519,000.00
Formerly Key Bank 29 E. Main Street Commercial 33,000 Lease/Sale $350,000.00
Crossroads Building Market Street Professional 1,642 Sale $140,000.00

Reid Street Retail 1,940 Sale $39,500.00
Kiddo's Bar Reid Street Retail 1,988 Sale $84,500.00
Breton Industries 10 Leonard St. Lt. Manufac. 45,695 Sale/Lease $150,000.00
Teepee 360 E. Main St. Rest./Mixed 24,573 Sale $450,000.00
Cooperative Maintenance 133 St. Hwy 67 Mixed use 3,300 Sale $229,000.00
29 East Main Street Fmr. Key Bank Mixed Use 33,000 Sale/Lease $350,000.00
1 Willow Street Market/Prospect Mixed Use 15,000 Lease $1,800.00/mo.
AIDA Owned 5 Sam Stratton Light Industrial 200,000 Lease/Sale: Negotiable Triple Net
* - Utilities Included          

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